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Noratel is the top manufacturer of high-quality customised transformers and sound components in Europe and beyond. Noratel have their headquarters in Hokksund, Norway, and have been providing cutting-edge and innovative transformer solutions to industries worldwide for years, with a history of manufacturing in other industries spanning over 100 years. They’ve been around forever, while always remaining at the cutting edge in the industry. With an influence spanning internationally, it’s no surprise they are so popular. You can find Noratel transformers in countless products around the world, in ships, trains, wind turbines, lifts, escalators, cranes, solar panels, refrigerators, medical devices…the list is endless. They strive to create innovative, cutting edge and quality technology parts and products, to contribute to an enhanced technological and sound experience. Just experience it for yourself!

A bit about the Noratel team…

With so many years in the industry, Noratel have it down to a fine art. With a 40-strong engineering team in offices all over the world, Noratel have proven to be a versatile company that really relates to its customers. They speak your language and understand good transformer design, as well as being skilled at comprehending the applications and industries their products are intended for. The skilled engineers at Noratel have made a reputation for themselves by finding high-performance and economical solutions to their client’s needs, with 75% of their products being customised parts and products. Noratel are committed to market quality products with high performance standards, that are durable, reliable and safe. Not only that, they also offer competitive prices and prompt delivery. With such versatility and expertise, why would you opt for anything less when it comes to transformers and custom amplifiers?

As an employer, Noratel has 2,300 people in its staff, being a huge job provider in the European market. Their reach spans across Europe to North America, India, China, Eastern Europe, Asia and the US, and they are forever expanding. Noratel aims to continually grow towards its goal of becoming the most trusted leading global player within the transformer industry.

Get your Noratel custom amplifier and transformer parts from RF Waves

When you’re getting transformers and sound components, you want to be sure that they’re of the highest quality and built to last. When you go for Noratel transformers, you can trust that you’re getting the best. If you’d like more information on Noratel products, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can answer your questions. Get your Noratel transformers from RF Waves in Perth today!


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